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Nigra Mors (a strange… strange story)

The very first time I heard about Severus it was a sultry august’s day. I was in the rehearsal room with my band, Manach Seherath and in a moment of pause from our traditional songs, we decided to play an extreme metal improvisation. When the musical torture impromptu ended, my mistreated throat needed some minute to rest and during the pause our bass player Lukas (aka Thorgrim) made me a proposal. There was an introspective artist known as Severus, active in the underground black metal scene for years with different pseudonyms and roles, who wished to realize a brand new project, the [almost] one-man band ‘Nigra Mors’. Lukas, who was one of his closer friends, barely met him once every six months, and had a really poor knowledge about his biography; nevertheless he told me everything he could about him and his ideas for the new project: a demo concept about the three ‘Maters’ cited in De Quincey’s masterpiece ‘Suspiria De Profundis’. Then explained that Severus, although capable to sing and play all songs, had decided, for some reason Lukas was not aware, to perform just the instrumental parts and use another vocalist. The screamer/growler he needed should not necessarily have a remarkable voice but he surely had to be extraneous to the extreme metal scene: I could be the man. The next day Lukas sent me a mail with a prototype version of one of the songs with Severus’ voice and a version without vocal track on which I recorded my audition and sent him back the same day. One month later, during another pause in the rehearsal room, Lukas passed me his cellphone and I could hear for the first and last time Severus. After a long reflection he had decided that I could fit for his project, and gave me a few instructions and advice. I must confess that I found his voice really exotic: a deep bass voice with an accent I couldn’t identify togheter with the use of terms from a 19th century italian more suitable for an Opera than for a modern informal conversation, persuaded me that italian was not his arterial language. The fascination of his voice, anyway, gave me the idea of a learned and refined person: the deal was done. In a month I recieved the other two tracks with lyrics (did I mention that all lyrics are in latin?) and started my preparation. Meanwhile Severus had listened to Manach Seherath demo and asked through Lukas to our guitar player Minus to compose and record a solo for one of his songs. In the very first days of December 2013, Lukas told us that Severus wanted vocals and guitar solo to be recorded almost immediately, he would have payed the costs for our recordings and we could chose the Studio we wanted but he wouldn’t have been with us, delegating Lukas for all decisions. Today I’ve finally recieved a copy of my first black metal demo, in which are involved, including me, three members of Manach Seherath. What I want to tell to Severus his: wherever you are, whoever you are, good job man!


the Land of the Fires /la Terra dei Fuochi

While the words ‘Manach Seherath’ come from a place and a time fairly far, the band named after them is modern and shares the problems of all nowdays groups.
In times of economic crisis, a band based in the (in)famous ‘Land of Fires’, in the depressed and poisoned south of Italy and Europe, could easily have much more reasons to give up: after all, who needs another ‘metal project’?
The answer is ‘Us’ (at least). 
'Normal' people, when facing an uncertain present and more uncertain future, usually do logic things, such as abandoning expensive projects and using their money and time for concrete things . 
A simple truth about us is that we aren’t ‘normal’ (probably you noticed it) and above all we are not ‘people’: we are Musicians… for this reason will go on and try to record our first full length before the first dawn of 2015.

———- ITA ———-
Mentre le parole ‘Manach Seherath’ vengono da un luogo ed un tempo abbastanza lontani, il gruppo che porta questo nome è moderno e condivide gli stessi problemi di qualsiasi gruppo odierno.
In tempi di crisi economica, una band musicale che ha sede nella famosa/malfamata ‘Terra dei Fuochi’, nel sud depresso ed avvelenato d’Italia e d’Europa, potrebbe facilmente avere molti più motivi per rinunciare: dopotutto, chi ha bisogno di un altro ‘progetto metal’?
La risposta è ‘Noi’ (almeno).
Le persone ‘normali’, quando affrontato un presente incerto ed un futuro ancor’ più incerto, di solito fanno cose logiche, come abbandonare progetti costosi ed usare i loro soldi ed il loro tempo per cose concrete.
Una semplice verità riguardo a noi è che non siamo ‘normali’ (probabilmente ve ne siete accorti) e soprattutto non siamo ‘persone’: noi siamo Musicisti… per questa ragione andremo avanti e cercheremo di registrare il nostro primo album prima della prima alba del 2015.


Manach Seherath is a symphonic heavy metal band from Italy, whose name in a dead ancient language means ‘to draw from the source’. This cryptic phrase, with all that it hides, is well representative of the marriage of heavy rhytms with epic keyboards and mysterious lyrics, which togheter make the trademark of M.S. sound: a modern heavy metal which doesn’t forget the gloomy lessons of the past.